Love That Bulldog



AKC English Bulldogs: Puppies & Stud Service, Champion Line & Quality wrinkles and rolls 

Welcome ....

Hello and thank you for your interest in my  English

 Bulldogs I am located in Lakeland Florida.  I strive to raise healthy , happy quality

 puppies, some of the best out there. If you love

wrinkles and rolls then your looking in the right place. I

 do everything i can to make sure i breed quality pups.

Besides quality my babies are raised with love from the

moment  their born till the day they leave me and go

to there new forever home. So please check out my

bully kid's that I have been blessed with. My babies are

 raised inside my home by there mommy & myself. I

take great pride in making sure everyone of my

babies are happy, social, playful and loved. They will

 be pee pee pad trained and way on there way to be

 house broken. There NOT kept in a small pen or crate

 they have a large room that is the puppy nursery. God

 blessed me to be able to raise and care and share this

 wonderful breed, (English Bulldog). My babies are my

kids, my love my life..

 All my pups come with there health certificate, up

 to date on there shots and 1 year health

guarantee. Most my bullies are my  own line I


       have 7 generations of my own babies 

If your interested in one of my puppies or up coming

 litter's please fill out a puppy app. It helps give me a

since of who is wanting one of my babies and if it will

 be a good fit.  I would love to help you find that sweet,

 new little bundle of joy to add to your family.

 ( About Me )

I am a dog lover. For more than 35 years, I have raised

pugs. I have always wanted an English Bulldog and over

the past few years, I have gone from one bully to a

beautiful family of them. I have always taken pride in

the way I raise my puppies. They are raised in a caring

 and loving home. My children say I love the dogs more

 than I love Sometimes I think they may be

right. You can't go wrong with adding an English Bulldog

 puppy to your family.

 I am very proud my bullies have made the 2015 desk

 calendar and Pinie and Lillain has made the 2016 wall

 calendar 2017 calendars plus some upcoming 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. Below are a few of the pictures from the

 photo shoot by Jeannie Harrison Close Encounters of

 the Furry Kind LLC